Thursday, December 02, 2004

rain rain go away...

Some Christmas this will turn out to be.

it's day one (technically)for the super typhoon "yoyong". Wasn't able to go to work due to the weather, hopefully things will get better by tomorrow --- yeah, right. The news have been reporting some serious damage to come by tonight and tomorrow, so my plans to even go out is a no-go. Been holed up for the rest of the day watching The Sopranos with Jason. It's pretty okay, despite the weather.

I feel so bad for those people who have been struck badly by previous typhoon "winnie". Their area will be once again struck by the upcoming typhoon, and from what i heard from the news, more than a hundred people have already died. *sigh* The country is really suffering, trying to hold on to sanity since it's already the 4th storm to hit us in two weeks. There isn't anything much anybody can do, except pray... :-(

Jason's flight back may also be cancelled if the weather continues to be like this over the weekend. I feel bad for him, after all, he's kinda stressed out enough about his interview as it is. Now he has to deal with the bizaare weather and the big possibility of having his flight cancelled. I just hope everything turns out ok.

+ + +

For now, i am just sitting here, trying not to think too much about work (my bosses have been calling me all day about projects due this weekend). I just hope that if there is a super typhoon, it will not cause too much damage and will be over quickly, so that everything can go back to normal soon. It's wishful thinking, but what the hey?

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